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About C.E.S.T. Group

About C.E.S.T. Group

Comprehensive security services

In this business, the C.E.S.T. group. We advise customers, train them according to their requirements, equip them with professional equipment and thus increase your safety at work, in everyday life and at school. Whether you are a company, private person or educational institution, we are your competent contact. Discreet, serious and credible.

The company CEST is an association of experts and companies from the public and private security sector with over 20 years of market experience. Thanks to our team having been with the authorities for almost 40 years, we are able to serve the entire security segment. We offer you classic advice, the necessary equipment as well as training and education with and on our products. Your concern becomes our project. CEST is the general importer of protective vests from Safeguardarmour and a specialist manufacturer of door rams. Safegardarmour is a manufacturer of Kevlar vests with the latest material technology.

These ballistic protective vests are light, thin, flexible and come with a stab protection insert. The most modern manufacturing technologies enable us to offer our protective vests for an unprecedented price-performance ratio.

In recent years we have concentrated on research into cut and stab protection clothing with our reliable partners in England, the USA, China and Pakistan and can fall back on an extensive portfolio of this clothing. We produce original uniform parts including cut and / or stab protection for many units.

We are able to develop and produce clothing and / or articles made of textile or leather with our partners cost-effectively within 4 - 6 weeks from a quantity of 50 or more.

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