CEST Breathalyzer I

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A modern, timeless design, a smooth yet easy-to-grasp surface, the successful mix of style and practical value: the design of the CEST Alkomat I does without anything superfluous. It is simple, straightforward, clear and therefore elegant. Thanks to its small size, the device fits in any shirt or jacket pocket. 

In addition, the alcohol tester is lighter than its competitors. Due to its low weight and slim design, the CEST Alcomat I is ideal for taking with you. 
You can use the CEST Alkomat I without any sampling accessories (good accuracy), with mouthpieces (very high accuracy) or with straws in two diameters (very good accuracy). 

It can be used with the inexpensive ACE mouthpieces or with straws of various diameters. If neither a mouthpiece nor a straw is available, the ACE AL5500 can also be used without a sampling accessory. However, for a measurement result that is as accurate as possible and for the test to be carried out hygienically, we recommend using our ACE mouthpieces. These are equipped with a non-return valve, which prevents saliva from flowing back to the test person. 

  • Switch on, switch off, display measurements already taken, all with just one button. 

  • The control knob is operated with the thumb by right-handed people and with the index finger by left-handed people. 

  • After the measurement, the CEST Alkomat I switches off automatically, but you can also switch it off manually.

  • The bright, red LED display is easy to read in all lighting conditions. 

  • The measurement result is displayed in parts per thousand [‰] with two decimal places. 

  • Flow, readiness for measurement and battery alarm are displayed.

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