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CEST® Armor Basic | The AK Felt

CEST® Armor Basic | The AK Felt

With our partners we have that CEST® AK Filz developed.
AK means Anti Knife.

We have made a textile fabric from PE (polyethylene) fibers by applying pressure, moisture and shear. The result is a material that is light, flexible and has outstanding puncture and cut protection properties (400 g/dm, 1.5 mm). According to EN 388.16 the highest stab protection level 4! In addition, this AK felt is wrinkle-free, elastic and air-permeable (breathable).

We have processed this CEST® AK felt into various CEST® products: 

Thanks to our modern production technology, we are able to produce the above-mentioned products in other colors from a quantity of just 30 pieces.

The CEST® Armor Basic clothing can be washed by hand.

With the CEST® Armor Basic fabric, we have once again succeeded in developing a non-metallic, purely textile, soft and very comfortable fabric that has the best puncture and cut protection properties. 

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