CEST® Armor Ultra Pro ballistic underpants cut protection stab protection bite protection

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Designed by CEST in Germany.

The material was developed with our team and our colleagues from a research laboratory in Japan.

Attention: The CEST Armor Ultra Pro clothing is certified as follows:

ISO9001 (manufacturer)  Ökotex, EN 388.16, CE, ANSI/ISEA A6

Certification according to VO (EU) 2016/425 is in preparation.

The CEST Armor Ultra Pro ballistic underpants long, unisex cut, are made of a hybrid textile (

Armortex, UHMWPE, fiberglass). of only 510 g/m² and a thickness of only 1.2 mm.


    • High ballistic holding power
    • Various fragment protection
    • Highest stab & cut protection
    • It can protect the wearer from secondary splinters (small splinters, sand). The  injury patterns are minimized and contamination of wounds is reduced.


This ballistic protection system cannot be equated with German SK 1-4 protective vests  or  US Standard NEW.

This underwear is used in addition. Mainly against secondary fragments and fragments accelerated by explosions such as dust, sand and rock particles, which are often found in IEDs.

This material is tested according to EN 388 6.2-16 (Highestcut protection level 5) and EN 388 6.2-16 (Higheststab protection level). 4 <190 N !!!) from an internationally certified laboratory.


Cut resistance (COUP test): Category 3

Test procedure:

A rotating circular knife cuts across the material at a constant speed and constant force (5 Newtons). For convenience, the result is given with an index value. This value is made up of the number of cycles required to cut through the material and the degree of wear on the blade used.


Category 0:                

Category 1:                ≥ Index 1.2

Category 2:                ≥ Index 2.5

Category 3:                ≥ Index 5

Category 4:                ≥ Index 10

Category 5:                ≥ Index 20

*Category X 

Stab protection EN 388

A test nail (about the size of a carpenter's nail) is pressed onto the test sample. How much force is necessary to pierce the material? 

Protection level Required force in Newton
Class 0 0 to 19.9
class 1 20 to 59.9
2nd grade 60 to 99.9
Class 3 100 to 149.9
Class 4 150 +


Bite tests with service dogs (Malinois) have shown that no bite caused damage to the CEST® Ultra Pro fabric. 

The big advantage of these ballistic underpants is their comfort. Since spandex is also used, the material is super stretchy and actually wears like normal underpants; is light, thin and soft; It is still breathable and has the best puncture-resistant and cut-resistant properties.

Color white 

Washable (hand wash) at 40 degrees.

Unisex sizes S/M, L/XL, XXL/3XL 

Hunting and forestry

We received very positive feedback from hunters regarding the CEST Armor Ultra Pro clothing. According to their experience, our underwear proves to be ideal for searches and keeps injuries from prickly bushes to a minimum.

Furthermore, the CEST Armor Ultra Pro clothing is used in industry (metal and glass processing) due to its very good stab and cut resistant properties. 


Gr. S (S/M) 560 Gramm

Gr. L (L/XL)  580 Gramm

Gr. XL (XXL/XXXL) 620 Gramm

Attention: If the fabric is damaged, this clothing loses its protective function. 


The fabric used in the CEST Armor Ultra Pro collection has outstanding technical properties.

But: This material is not stab-proof.  (no material is stab-proof or bullet-proof).

It always depends on the shape of the blade and the impact energy.

Wearing Ultra Pro clothing can protect you in the event of a knife attack or prevent life-threatening injuries. 

The CEST® Armor Ultra Pro fabric is currently being tested for certification according to STANAG 2920, V50 FSP (V50, max. 950 m/s, default conditioning) Projectiles: 1.1 g FSP

Product data sheet for download: German | English | Russian






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