Ballistic protective vest CEST® 3 SK1 with stab protection

559,90 €
VAT included. plus Shipment
Colors: Black
Size: S
protection class: SK 1

Due to the delivery of ballistic equipment to Ukraine and those with it 

associated scarcity of raw materials 

with the current delivery time for protective vests 8 weeks be run out.


The big advantage of our protective vests is that the stab protection:


  1. Textile is (No metal mesh or panels)


  1. In the system (panel) is already integrated. 


I.e. no shifting or slipping of the "additional panels".

With the KR 1 stab protection, the protective vest is only slightly thicker (approx. 4 mm) and heavier (approx. 250 grams).

The point of the optional stab protection does not open up to us anyway.

When does the wearer know which threat is occurring for which mission; should the "optional stab protection" be carried in the office, in the company vehicle?

In our opinion, the protective vest should always be upgraded to ensure the best possible protection for all operations.


After your order, we produce your protective vest in our factory very promptly. The delivery time is usually 20 days. However, this can take up to 30 days if the load is high.

The protective vest CEST 3 can be put on and taken off like a sweatshirt thanks to the fixed round collar; The Velcro fasteners only have to be opened and closed on the side.


Our protective vest CEST 3 can be put on and taken off very quickly thanks to the round collar. On the outside, the CEST gives the impression of a sweatshirt and is made of cotton. Inside the vest is sewn with 100% CoolMax®, which ensures maximum breathability.



We recommend wearing a CEST cool shirt under the CEST 3 protective vest. It transports moisture and makes wearing the vest much more comfortable.



The vest is designed for people who need to be equipped with a high level of protection for a longer period of time, such as journalists, bouncers, rescue workers. 




We can also supply the cover in the colors white and/or black. The customer can also order an additional cover separately at the same time.




With the protection package, the customer decides whether NIJ II or SK 1, with or without stab protection. So you can choose four different protection packages. We can also supply the cover in the colors white and black. The customer can also order an additional cover separately at the same time.


Attention: All interchangeable shells of our ballistic protective vests CEST 1 to CEST 11 can be used with each other. 
Example: The CEST 4 was purchased as an overvest and can be used with the cover of the CEST 2 or CEST 3 as an undervest.


For an explanation of the protection classes, see the table (below).

With only 25 layers of aramid fiber-based laminate, our SK 1 variant is very thin, light and weighs less than 2 kg (for size M).


All of our protective vests that we produce in Leeds (UK) are certified as follows:

Ballistic: SK1 or US NIJ IIIa or US NIJ II

Stab protection: KR1, (as desired KR2 (100 € additional costs), SP1 (100 € additional costs) or SP2 (150 euros additional costs) according to the English standard)).

As well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Since our protective vests are put together individually by the customer in terms of model, size, color and insert, they are therefore non-returnable.


The customer can go to our ballistic protective vests CEST 1 to CEST 11 optional the CEST® impact protection panels for protective vests -> Order polycarbonate inserts (2 mm) separately. These are simply in the existing openings of the protective vest shells (outside) -> not body side! to stick. 

With these two panels (2 pieces are supplied -> chest and back panel) shocks are well absorbed.

In addition, the existing stab protection is increased many times over.


Bulletproof vest test on Youtube

Test with knives on Youtube

Size Chart


Explanation of ballistic protection classes

Explanation of protection classes stab protection

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Colors: Black
Size: S
protection class: SK 1

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