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C.E.S.T. magazine

C.E.S.T. magazine

CEST Armor Pro Ultra

This substance was developed with our team and our colleagues from a research laboratory in Japan (near Nagoya).

It is finished in a state-of-the-art textile factory near Taipei.

Our goal was to develop a material that:

  1. Has stab and cut resistant properties
  2. Has function
  3. Is thin, soft and light
  4. How a normal textile looks 

What did we do?
An extraordinary product!

It is 100% textile! When you touch it, you feel like it's cool. This super, modern fabric could be woven through the combination of several different high-cut resistant fibers.

This fabric even has a stretchable function; i.e. Dressing and undressing is like a conventional undershirt.

The CEST Armor Shirt Pro, unisex cut, i.e. It is an undershirt that can be worn by both men and women. It is woven from a hybrid textile (including Armorter and fiberglass). At just 455 g / m2, it is only 1.2 mm thick. This fabric is certified to EN 388 6.2-16 (cut resistance level 3) and EN 388 6.5-16 (stab resistance level 3).

The big advantage of this shirt is its comfort. It actually wears like an ordinary undershirt; is light, thin and soft; it is still breathable and has the best stab-resistant and cut-resistant properties.

We intentionally produce this shirt in white. With this neutral color, the product can also be worn comfortably under a white shirt or even under a T-shirt. As further projects we intend to produce long johns, a balakava and a dog vest from this material.


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